Autonomous Technology

iGS Intelligent-Driving Car: “Fully-automated”

Benefiting from accelerated development of intelligent-driving, instrumentality of cars can extend continuously, and it can provide infinite possibility for future life. For “intelligent car”, information exchange between intelligent driver software is executed via advanced sensors, controllers and actuators. Besides, intelligent car has intelligent environment awareness ability via onboard remote sensing system and information terminal. Finally, imagination comes true. Based on automatic control, artificial intelligence, visual computing and other technologies developed by SAIC MOTOR independently, MG iGS makes drivers escape from traditional “driver-car-road” closed-loop.

MG iGS Intelligent-driving car can realize intercommunication (such as real-time traffic information, road information, and pedestrian information, etc.) between vehicles, vehicle and base stations provided by world leading V2X technology. Real time intercommunication can enhance driving safety, avoid traffic congestion and improve traffic efficiency towards the vehicle user; onboard entertainment information can also be provided by the system. Under speed of 60-120 km/hour, remote auto parking, cruise control, auto following, lane keeping, lane changing, and overtaking can be achieved.

Car on the Internet

In year 2014, SAIC MOTOR start the cooperation with Alibaba group, to develop “Car on the Internet”, lead China “Internet car” development trend, and aim to build a mobile auto ecosystem.

Data Engine

Based on YunOS for Car operation system and daily car-related data, it can learn itself and optimize functions to provide exclusive service for users. As core basic capacity, it can coordinate vehicle system, external hardware device, and cloud service, to provide users with more intelligent and customized function.

Service Platform

It can remind users to maintain their cars, and provide users with appointment method, route and payment execution, even help users get better service with less cost.

In future, it can be connected with more services; users can enjoy corresponding convenience without any car modification.

Intelligent Hardware Platform

It has standard software and hardware interface, which support more plug-in products for you use with one-key adaptation. Developers can also connect customized products to the platform, and create more new functions as customized extension via the platform.

Appreciable Map

Let it know your destination via voice or even a light click. And it can present detailed map during your entire driving process.


It can provide differentiated specific service for users based on current user identification (owner, authorized user, and passenger, etc.), regardless which device to start vehicle. All different devices can connect with cloud platform, and execute data communication with YunOS for Car, to provide users with more customized services.

Intelligent Cockpit

Dashboard, central console, rear view mirror undertake respective functions, different information can be displayed in different places based on driving condition. Users can provide feedback for these devices in forms of voice, hand signal and button, to make driving as intelligent accompanying.

Self-portrait Sharing

Any external intelligent device can be one-key paired with car, to share driving view in different angles, brilliant photos, and real time snapshot, make your driving more exciting.

Voice Interaction

Cars are not traditional transportation tools any longer, it makes cars as your driving buddy, and it can do anything you want it to do via the most natural way.

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