Low-carbon Effective Dynamics Technology, Releasing Inner Passion

Integration of TGI and TST core technologies, with new-generation engine start-stop system, realize a perfect combination of less fuel consumption, lower emission and higher power.

NET GREEN New Energy Technology, with low carbon emission meets energy preservation trend

SAIC MOTOR- MG’s mother company has mastered three core technologies in Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV), Pure Electric Power and Fuel Cell fields. Synergized by these global first class level technologies, MG will bring green future for you in advance.

Autonomous Technology

iGS Intelligent-Driving Car: “Fully-automated”

MG iGS as the first intelligent driving prototype, qualified with environment perceptual ability , truly realizes hands free.


YunOS for Car

Car on the Internet, Establish a Mobile Auto Ecosystem Towards the Future

Co-investing billion RMB , SAIC Motor and Alibaba Group join hands to create an internet car ecosystem towards the future.