Classic European Design Aesthetics

Overall proportion of MG ZS is designed to show the salute to classic European design aesthetics. The faster shoulder line, tensional waist line and speedy window line express the impression of readiness.

Sensual Surface full of emotion

Every corner is full of emotion, which guarantee excellent appearance in luster and details. The surface design broken the limits of barrier and reaches the highest level in industry to present the perfect flow of light and shadow.

Detailed design with great imagination

Headlight design is inspired by the reflection of London Eye in Thames. The daytime running lights clasp the headlight like claws, forming a steadiness attitude while the headlights connected to the grille. The new shaped grille looks not only sporty, but also showing the great self confident.

Shoulder Line shows the powerful dynamic

Shoulder line sketches the side proportion perfectly, further emphasizing the strength and controllable dynamic power. The “leopard” design inspiration injects the powerful dynamic to the entitle body.

Impressive interior color and trims

Varies impressive interior color and trim combinations customized for young generations with assertive personalities. The strong color contrast accompanied with classic delicate textures demonstrate the pursuit of a quality life.

Flexible layout for modern life

Exclusively cabin design offers all dimension. The multi-functional storage offers four positions for luggage arrangement. A two-level truck lid opening designed to meet various travel needs .

Artistic detail design

Mass using soft material to create a cozy and comfortable interior space, including a wider center console covered with soft leather. The start-stop button adopts exquisite illumination details.

Young and stylish for new generation

Dynamic but graceful outline design reflects individuality and urban modern life. The designers realized the goal to create a fashionable SUV with tension surfaces, powerful lines and creative details, which bring new vigor into the MG brand.

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