Sporty and Fashionable SUV

With a sporty and fashionable styling and also full of sense of technology, MG GS is the first SUV in the history of MG brand.

The Chinese-British joint design and technical team has constantly pursued dynamic and pleasant elements in terms of body proportion, surface treatment, as well as detail design, aiming to create a fresh-looking SUV expressing speedy and power perfectly.

MG Design DNA

Designers have tried a new body proportion to interpret the MG brand family design language on the first SUV model.

Strip-shaped upper grille connects MG badge with sharp headlamps, enhancing visual sense of integrity while making the front face wider and stronger; at bumper, a large regular-trapezoid area of black color is designed to lower visual focus, highlighting the sense of road conquering.

Feature Lines Expressing Dynamics and Harmony

MG GS’s side view shows a posture of speedy. The slightly forward leaning tendency gives the car a strong sense of passion.

The ratio between black window area and car body is in accordance with Golden Proportion. Sharp waist line and strong C pillar are integrated closely, bursting out a fashionable dynamic sense from coordinate elegance.

Inspired by Sports Goggles

Sharply angular and smoked front and rear lamps, combined with black part in between which integrates the lamps together, creates a unique appearance inspired by googles for sports. Stereo-cutting of the lamp cover fully takes account of aerodynamics and also enriches visual aesthetics of details.

Cockpit-like Interior Space

The design concept of interior space is inspired by high-tech style of aircraft cockpit.

Well-designed ergonomic layout, wide driving view and multi-functional intelligent HMI interface, offer a great driving experience for the driver.

Integration of Racing Car Elements

The tail design is inspired by the posture of a cheetah that is ready to sprint. Bumpy muscle-like profile integrates design elements from racing car, effectively enhancing overall strong visual shock and creating a more uniform style for the whole car.

High Quality SUV Demonstrating Self-power

As an powerful outcome by Chinese-British joint design and technical team after four years of development, MG GS is a sporty city SUV for new-generation young consumers.

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