First Prize


Award-Winner: Dongsheng Cheng

The main inspiration from pure and aerodynamic shape of MG EX-181, remaining the specific air intake hole as a heritage element.
The overall design feature shows a simple and pure shape, inspired by the glamorous body volume of aviation, which shows efficient aerodynamic performance and a long-last beauty.

Second Prize


Award-Winner: Jiayi Wang

This luxury vehicle is designed for people who appreciate Chinese culture. The surfaces are concise and pure, which reflects the Chinese philosophy -- more powerful, more peaceful.
The vehicle can be a reliable partner for users that they can drive it to anywhere without any hesitation.

Second Prize


Award-Winner: Shan Jiang

Designed under the spirit to challenge yourself and discover your differences!
Just as the slogan:
Born to a fever!
Live for speed!
Experiencing racing speed!

Third Prize


Award-Winner: Nan Wang

With the increasing of family members, people cares more and more about family activities. EVA is designed for young family in 2020 with simplicity life style.
The idea of covering wheel of EVA makes it more outstanding rather than traditional model. Moreover, you can easily operate the EVA with your mobile phone in a smart way.

Third Prize


Award-Winner: Jiabin Dong

The vehicle is inspired by the British Supermarine Spitfire in World War Ⅱ.
It integrates the elements of MG historical models with smooth streamlined fuselage, which brings unlimited driving passion.

Third Prize


Award-Winner: Feijiao Huo

In this design, all the surfaces of the body are consistent, and be mapped with a large net of grid. Each cell of ​​the grid is a screen that can be lighted up, change grid size and control the transparecy of the car body.
Through such a grid, the various elements of the body are unified into a complete system.
Other Wonderful Design Works
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