First Prize


Award-Winner: Lanyu Zhang

In addition to being both a virtual racing car and a family sports car, Comet is also a kind of deformable vehicle, whose contour design is inspired by swift & agile posture of a person playing skateboard.
Besides, x geometrical element is adopted in several parts of the car body, bringing us an infinite imagination on unknown technologies.

Second Prize


Award-Winner: Lihan Gan

Looking ahead to 2025, with the maturity of 3D printing technology, automobiles will have already realized customization.
E30 is exactly a smart dual-seat urban electric vehicle that specially designed for lovers, whose design is inspired by streamline of bicycle helmet.

Second Prize


Award-Winner: Chaoran Meng

LINK is an intelligent sports car connecting user and the network.
Its functional interior with multi-screen caters to future design trend for autonomous driving and chatting as well as being used as public information enquiry equipment.

Third Prize


Award-Winner: Ruoyu Chen

VOYAGE is a shared vehicle serving in urban traffic network.
And can be vertically parked just like a sail so as to save public parking place to a large extent.

Third Prize


Award-Winner: Jiongfan Jiang

This is a rescue command car based on the concept of Mother-Child Car.
A surrounding large screen inside the cab with virtual urban 3D projection, allows the commander to manipulate other rescue vehicles to carry out effective rescue.

Third Prize


Award-Winner: Zeyu Zhang

W7 is an urban electric business SUV which is designed on the basis of city intelligent transportation system in the future.
The interior design is inspired by pupation of cicada and is made of wood, creating a highly cozy seating space.
Other Wonderful Design Works
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