MG Live South American Superstar Show [First Station]

Chilean Fans, Your Justin Bieber is Coming!

Attention please! Since March, MG Live South America Superstar Show has been officially kicked off, which is to welcome various master musicians in succession and we will focus on such series of activities to offer first-hand reports on this music feast. On March 23, Justin Bieber, the first superstar of MG Live South American Superstar Show staged a shinning debut in Chile’s National Stadium!

At nine o’clock in the evening, 2017 Justin Bieber “Purpose World Tour” concernt started among deafening screaming, being surrounded with crazy rhythm, wild dancing, freely delight and exclusively enjoyment, MG is always looking for such personality and style! MG Live, together with music fans, is ready to free the passion and feel the infinite charm from musical notes.

“It’s a big big world, and I’m gonna show you all of it.”

Come along with MG!

MG Live South American Superstar Show [Second Station]

Nothing Like the Sun - MG Saluting to “Legend Rock Star” Sting

While you all longing for more after Justin Bieber Concert as the First Station of MG Live South American Superstar Show in March, we have just invited the second superstar in the Show last week. Here comes the first-hand reports.

When Justin Bieber Concert drops the curtain in early winter in Santiago, the arrival of another legend warms the whole city again . On May 2, as the second superstar of MG Live South American Superstar Show, Sting has brought a poetic rock tour at Moviestar Arena for all fans, and MG has also completed a salution to the legend.

Since his first debut 45 years ago, Sting has already become a prominent figure in British and even European and American music circles along with large number of works. The Police led by him has also been considered as legend band. In his personal musical career, he has won 10 Grammy Awards, 2 BRIT Awards, 1 Golden Globe Award and 1 Emmy Award as wel as been nominated by Oscar three times and Tony Award once. Relying on his super talents, he is competent in many music styles.

In this concert, Sting has brough his 12th Album - 57 TH & 9 TH, which respectively means the 57th Avenue and 9th Avenue leading to his recording studio. The Alubum has recorded the 4-year thriving course from feeling of being left out to constant working with stamina and diligence. While in recent 90 years, adhering to endless persistent pursuit of auto manufacturing technology, MG has always been committed to designing endless classic models and offer top-notch products for the purpose of satisfying consumers’ diversified needs. This time, MG has finished the salution to rock legend while being immersed in Sting’s poetic music. This is also to pay our respects to our 90-year persistence and inheritance!

If we say that Justin Bieber Concert has brought us with flexible, relexed and dynamic music, then as a diversified and influential musician, what Sting can brought us is persistance, stubborness and diversification. Please continue to focus on our extraordinary music experience brought about by MG Live. Next superstar is coming soon!

MG Live South American Superstar Show [Third Station]

Morris Garages Made Everyone Dance at Ed Sheeran’s Rhythm

After two successful dates of MG Live, starting with Justin Bieber and followed by Sting, the last stop of the first round of concerts in Chile ended with the multi awarded British artist, Ed Sheeran. Thousand of fans filled Movistar Arena to enjoy another exciting MG Live stop.

One day wasn’t enough, so MG Live was present in the two shows Sheeran gave in Santiago o May 15th and 16th, inviting to the fans not only to enjoy music, but to live joyful moments with MG in a huge stand were the fans could take instant pictures next to our cars and receive MG gifts.

Nowadays, Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular singers in musical scene. With hits as “Thinking out loud” and the most recent “Shape of you”, Ed’s double date in Chile was the perfect occasion to enhance MG brand and get closer to young people looking for new and innovative cars. Music and cars were never so close together!

With Ed Sheeran, MG Live finished its first round of concerts in Chile, with the promess to surprise even more to the music fans in the months to follow. More surprises yet to come!

MG Live South American Superstar Show [Fourth Station]

MG Rocked the Night at Bon Jovi’s Rhythm

Powerful guitars and all the classics from the band original from New Jersey gave life to a new edition of MG Live. Thousands of fans could enjoy Bon Jovi’s rock rhythm and MG presence during the concert. To MG music never stops. Music is passion, is energy and is about enjoying life. That’s why MG Live is constantly looking for outstanding concerts to surprise its customers and offer unforgettable experiences to everyone.

In this occasion, the Monumental Stadium was full to the top with fans anxious and excited for the Bon Jovi’s appearance, same fans have the pictures through different activities and exhibitions held by MG inside the stadium. At this night, the service is so nice and hundreds of people waited in line not only to have a memory picture but also the memory and all the energy of the moment.

Ten fortunate MG fans had the opportunity to have a rock and roll night, thanks to the social media contests and MG Care program. After participating in different activities, they have opportunities to connect with to Bon Jovisa and sing his classics: Livin’ on a prayer, Always and It’s my life.

This new edition of MG Live is a reinforcement of the efforts that MG has been doing in 2017 to differentiate from the rest and express the brand DNA: fun, energetic and full of surprises. This won’t stop, because in November 28th, 2017, Bruno Mars will present in Chile and MG will be there once again for an experience of a lifetime.

Don’t miss MG Live’s road, because the music will be still on and lauder than ever with more concerts and surprises in the future!

MG Live South American Superstar Show [Fifth Station]

MG Live Invites You to Enjoy Bruno Mars

Near to 70,000 fans enjoyed his concert and MG had a special presence in the event.

No other than Bruno Mars could close an incredible music year for MG. He is the most anticipated international superstar, who received many awards and nominations, including five Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards and most influenced musical awards worldwide. Bruno Mars is the most awaited artist of the year and his tickets sold-out just in the first 24 hours.

Nov. 28th, with near 70,000 fans waiting for him in the Chile Santiago National Stadium, when the lights turned off a massive scream was the only thing it was possible to hear in the coliseum. Then, the party started. Lights, music and fireworks introduced Bruno Mars and all of his hits. Sometimes it seems the stadium would fall down. Also, some lucky MG fans were able to see Bruno Mars Live, thanks to the contest presented in social media.

An MG was there, as one special guest to the party. The fans who keen on having live the entire experience enjoyed what MG Live prepared to them. As usual, MG models shined in an attractive stage in which the fans could take pictures and then printed them to keep a good memory of the day. Also, a selfie totem was installed for the groups of fans wanting to pose together.

With MG Live, MG wants to attract customer’s attention even more and reinforce attributes the brand has had since its birth, as the passion, young and sporty energy. That’s why, besides MG Live, MG has implemented several activities during the year, as the MG 360’s launch, press events, test drives, mall exhibition and the latest news, Colo Colo’s sponsorship for three years.

With Bruno Mars, MG Live celebrates an amazing musical 2017, which included Justin Bieber, Sting, Ed Sheeran and Bon Jovi. 2018 will bring more music. It’s just a matter of time to discover which superstars will be presented by MG.

Cultivating South America Market to Establish Global Brand Image.

On October 25th, SAIC Motor Sudamerica SPA has formally signed the cooperation agreement with Club Social y Deportivo Colo-Colo (hereinafter refers as“Colo-Colo“) and become the partner of Colo-Colo from 2018 to 2020.

Since 2018 season, Colo-Colo players will wear their own football T-shirt with SAIC self-owned brand logo to compete in Chilean League of Football, Copa Chile, Copa Santander Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup. Meanwhile, comprehensive cooperation including brand promotion, marketing activities are well planned between two parties.

As the largest and most popular football club in Chile, Colo-Colo has attracted nearly half of national football fans. With 93 years’ history, it is regarded as the most successful club of Chilean football who won 29 champions of Chilean League of Football and records 13 Copa Chile titles, which is also the unique club wining the champion in Copa Santander Libertadores till now. Ranked 1st in Chilean League of Football, Colo-Colo has cultivated a large number of football stars, including Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo who playing midfielder in Bayern, Alexis Sanchez who currently playing in Arsenal, and etc.

As the pioneer of SAIC overseas footprint, SAIC Motor Sudamerica SPA has positively satisfied South American consumers and enhanced brand image. With the appearance of Sting, Ed Sheeran and other famous stars in 2017, MG Live! Superstar Concert has already become locally famous music feast. Besides, the Shopping Mall and Roadshow activities in the form of experience and party have provided local consumers with new way of purchasing cars. It is foreseeable that in 2018 SAIC Group will improves the self-owned brand influence along with the cooperation between SAIC Motor Sudamerica SPA and Colo-Colo.

Football game has a strong social impact in South America. The strategic cooperation between SAIC Motor Sudamerica SPA and Colo-Colo will definitely provide an efficient communication channel for self-owned brand of SAIC Group access to the South American Market and satisfy the local consumers’ needs. By means of this popular sports platform, it is believed that SAIC Group

Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool with MG China Official Partnership

In February 2016, MG became Liverpool Football Club’s official partner in China. In April, MG together with Liverpool Football Club appeared at the 14th Beijng Auto Show in China.

Customized Liverpool Edition of MG GS and MG GT

MG together with Liverpool Football Club launched MG GS and MG GT Liverpool Editions to the public. Both parties will work together and continue to move on for further cooperation.

As official representative from Liverpool Club, Michael Owen made a ride on MG GS by himself and reached 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 7.8s. Meanwhile he also did the test drive on the iGS autonomous vehicle.

MG Australia Sponsor The Children’s Charity in Sydney

MG takes pride in its ability to bring not only innovative production, but equally, a strong sense of social responsibility which have long been at the core of its business, to promote economic, social, environmental harmony and sustainable development.

Sydney, Australia, 16 August 2016, to mark the launch of MG Australia, SAIC Australia has announced its first social partnership in Australia with Variety, the Children’s Charity. Variety is a national not-for-profit organization committed to empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs to help them live, laugh and learn. MG Australia has initially donated a new MG6 to the organization to use for fundraising and marketing purposes.

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