Youthful Sportiness

Having an MG is akin to embarking on a journey of personal discovery. Feel the youthful energy that it brings you, experience the courage it gives you to set forth on your journey, and encounter the stylish self that is awakened by the authentic British design.

Pure Enjoyment

Embark on a journey of wisdom and let the long distance travelled allow you to bond with your MG over the fun you both share. With the MG, you can flaunt and advocate your personality among your circle of friends, seize opportunities and easily manage the challenges of work, master the ever-changing world through the Internet, and feel the passion that smart driving brings to your life.

Exclusive Space

The MG has created a personalised exclusive space where you can enjoy a private performance of concert quality inside your car, keep the surprise gift for your loved one under wraps, and be inside your exclusive paradise of glamour once you close the windows. It is not only a convenient means of transportation when you travel, but also a mobile exhibition showcasing your creativity.

Since 1924…The Octagon Remains An Inspirational Automotive Icon!

For nearly a century, the famous MG octagonal logo has been a source of inspiration to motoring enthusiasts throughout the world and it continues to symbolise the virtues of fun, freedom and style.